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 Crazy Fridolin wants to join

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Crazy Fridolin

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PostSubject: Crazy Fridolin wants to join   Fri Feb 27, 2015 1:12 pm

in Game Account(s) - And which Game?:
Robocraft - Blauaugenarlarm.  
War Thunder - Have to take a look into it. Did not played that game since a long time.
Youporn - Happypenis1985

Steam Alias or profile name?:
Crazy Fridolin is my name there.  

What Games do you play most Often?:
I am an achievement whore. So mainly I play achievement games.

A game without achievements have to be mega awesome to let me play that.

Robocraft, but I am not motivated at the moment, because after I smashed all enemies with my fucking beast panzer from Tier 4 to 8 I have problems on T9 with onehits by enemies. My whole Shitcar has to rebuild. Man, I killed 5 enemies in every match mostly  until T 9 and now "BUMM" back to Spaceship.  
I am playing Seven Kingdoms 2 a lot. Its new to Steam but really old. Its one of the best strategy game from in the world. The KI is freaking crazy, never had those intense moments in other games.
I will buy Homeworld Remastered.
Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Phantom. Anyone?
I have 227 games in account, Feel free to ask me if you want to play one of them with me.I will not reinstall games which have 100 percent Steam Achievements. If I reach 100 percent in a game I am done with that game.
I would love to play System Shock 2 in Coop. ANYONE?

I have so many games from different genres.  Its easier when I say what I dont like.
I dont like DOTA2 and League of Legends.
I dont like Team Fortress 2, even if that has achievements.
I installed Warframe but never played it. Not motivated.
I am so glad that these are not your primary games.  Oh, wait a Minute...
I am sure we can play some games together, so stop thinking to give me a -1, thanks!
May I buy H1Z1 or Life if Feudal.. Need people for it, than I will buy them.

Age?: 29

Do you know anyone in our Community? If yes, who?
Textor. Added him after I met Monarchco. He seems to be friendly and its already my brother. Even I never spoke to him in TS. I dont know man, sometimes you meet someone in internet and you feeling good to write with him. And Monarcho is a cool guy. He loves to watch Chicago Fire too, so he must be cool!  

Have you been on our TS previously?
Once. I was in the lobby where Textor was. I was so scared and left TS.

How many hours per week can you be active in the community(includes socializing on teamspeak, posting on forums, playing games with other members)?
A lot of time. You can be sure about that!

What time zone and country do you currently reside in?
Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Its UTC +1.

What makes you want to join Vincemus Fidelis Gaming?
I dont like Kindergarten. I dont want to play with underage guys and girls. I want to play with people my ages.

Do you have Competitive gaming experience? If yes, with who and in what role?
I played Sex Simulator with Textor, but he was in the box all the time and didnt want to come out. He camped there with a Dildo, waiting for me to kill me with that. His dildo had teeth.  

Robocraft? I played a lot Infestation Survivor Stories and that was competitive gaming enough.  A little bit War Thunder.

I tried "Gears Up" but this game is shit.

If you want to lean with that question what Type of gamer I am, Than I tell you that I am rather Warrior than Mage. I dont like to rush, I love to scout.
I NEVER USE SNIPERS. IN NO GAME! Neither in ISS nor in CS:GO.  In MMOs I keep my chars simple. That means a lot of passive skills, because I want an easy handling.

What are your ambitions as a member?
Seriously, I want to speak english to improve that. I want to have fun and If I am in a good working group than the results are always higher than to play alone.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What kind of a person are you?
I am sorry, I rage sometimes. But I am never mad about my friends, even if they screw up.
I am raging about my stupid mistakes. I am funny. I give a fuck about ingame items. If I get one item you need its likely that you will get it.
I prever a little Team in TS. Does not work well if we are 10 people in one channel.
I am a teamplayer, thats why I am here.

HAHAHAHAH, you noticed how often I begun sentences with I?  What does this say about me? Smile

If Textor could touch you anywhere, where would you let him touch you?
He could touch my Lovestick. Because its there to give love.

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
A Llama and I would spit Textor in his face.

One of the Officers in our Community is an idiot. Who do you think it is?
I dont know, but when I become Officer than there are two idiots.

If Monarchco calls you in the Middle of the Night to discuss Sexual Fantasies, what do you do?
If thats legal stuff I would jerk on my keyboard, while listening to him.

The Community has to invest into Every Player that joins, what can you Invest into the Community?
Am I your whore or what? Smile  Investing in me, haha. If you make me titties, I would let Textor touch it.

I think I am a funny guy with a german accent. An international Team needs at least one german.
You need someone who say "GET TO ZE CHOPPA".
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PostSubject: Re: Crazy Fridolin wants to join   Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:20 pm

@Crazy Fridolin wrote:
Have you been on our TS previously?
Once. I was in the lobby where Textor was. I was so scared and left TS.

That is what my voice do.
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PostSubject: Re: Crazy Fridolin wants to join   Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:17 pm

Sound like a fun guy +1,
but I do really want to meet him on TS,
it gives a much better impression than text.
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PostSubject: Re: Crazy Fridolin wants to join   

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Crazy Fridolin wants to join
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