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 Times like these

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PostSubject: Times like these   Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:36 pm

These moments will test our character, reflect and rise above, put aside doubts and judgement, know that in times of need, your brothers will truly be there for you, no matter the hardships we face, you will always have a shoulder to lean on, a friend to talk to, and a diverse group of opinions that , negative or positive, should be taken with a grain of salt. Family argues among themselves, siblings fight, but if your brother gets bullied, who will stand beside you to fight back, your brothers.
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PostSubject: Re: Times like these   Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:32 pm

I'm here for everyone in the clan, if i wasn't, I wouldn't have applied in the first place Smile if anyone is on teamspeak with me and wants me to make them happier, let me know, I have never lost a poke war, but then again, Bruised and I still never finished our poke-war. I am always checking the forums and I am always trying to help others out as best I can. if you want an opinion, I can give you an opinion, you want support, I will give you support, you want money, get a job Smile

anyways, my spring break ends tomorrow and I have 2 away baseball games i have to play in, and then I have region tournament and possibly state playoffs (wish me luck, i am going to need it because if i do well in the region tournament and/or state playoffs, i get a full-ride scholarship and get to play college baseball and minor league baseball for the Giants if my schedules don't conflict much) So, my times of being on almost nonstop will be at a halt. I will be on roughly 12 hours on weekends and anywhere from 1-4 hours each day during the week. good news, i got to t10 finally and things are picking up for me in robocraft, my channel is slowly growing, and I have gotten word from various t10's and mega's that they are impressed with what VFG is doing and that we are benefiting robocraft immensely. (Their biggest concern is that we need to be more active on youtube, twitch, twitter, etc and build up a fan-base). These same people also told me that they wish Monarchco the best of luck. So guys (I'm wrapping up everything)even though we have had some internal issues, we are stronger now. it is through conflict that our mettle is tested and proven. how strong is your shield in battle if you haven't even had a sword swing at your shield in practice. Let's go VFG! band together and do things that other clans dream of doing. lets be the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] clan in Robocraft. *drops mic* goodnight VFG, if anyone needs anything PM me, i will respond when i wake up
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PostSubject: Re: Times like these   Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:26 pm

Even though i'm young and still have a lot of things to learn i'm here as a tree to your rock i'll always be there supporting you when you support me unless i get hacked down or struct by lightning i'll always be there to listen talk or just be there.

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PostSubject: Re: Times like these   

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Times like these
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