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Home of the Vincemus Fidelis Gaming Community [-VFG-]. We play Robocraft, Warframe, Star Conflict, and War Thunder as our primary games!
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 [-VFG-] Information

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PostSubject: [-VFG-] Information   Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:33 pm

NOTE: We have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who hacks, cheats, or previously did so in MMO/Online games

We are a gaming community, with both competitive and casual divisions. We have no blanket requirements besides that our members have thick skin, don't whine, are generally more "mature"(by no means serious), and do not squeak(This excludes many younger applicants).

We roam across many games, with a select few main division games(such as Robocraft or War Thunder), which we often use to recruit new members from on their forums.

This community was founded in Early January, 2015 by @Monarchco and @Textor86

Our current officers are:
[-VFG-]Bruised1 (Head of Diplomacy)
Perennia (Auxiliary Officer)

Any questions should be addressed on our teamspeak, or directly towards [-VFG-]Textor86 or [-VFG-]Monarchco on steam(unless it is a specific recruitment or member question, then you may also contact the specific officer).

~I play for the people....
~VFG --> Very Fucking Good
~Keep in mind, Red Text, is for moderators use only.
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[-VFG-] Information
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