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PostSubject: MODERATION   Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:23 pm

The RED text is reserved for administrators and moderators. Please do not use it.

Forum Rules:
- Keep your posts constructive, and thought provoking
- Please try to use proper grammar and spelling.
- Please do not use "texting slang" such as, but not exclusive to "ttyl", "sw4g", etc
- Do not start flame wars
- Do not discuss politics
- Do not discuss religion
- Do not harass other members
- This is a mature community, if you take banter, and sadistic jokes poorly, moderators will not come to your defense.

Please keep in mind, any egregious violations of forum rules will be disciplined appropriately.

If you lose your account, contact a moderator/admin for assistance.

~I play for the people....
~VFG --> Very Fucking Good
~Keep in mind, Red Text, is for moderators use only.
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